Before you may schedule a scan, you must have all IRB and/or IACUC paperwork completed. If this is a new study, please create a new project on Calpendo (see Starting a Research Project url SOP101). Once the project is created and approved, you may start scheduling scan time. In order to schedule time on one of the available resources, please use the online Calpendo calendar system. For additional information about Calpendo please contact Daniel Samber

Please refer to the scheduling guidelines for booking limits and requirements.

Because of the Hospital requirement that every research subject receive at least a limited read for incidental finding, all subjects need to be scheduled with a Medical Record Number (MRN).

The following steps outline the process to access the CERNER program that allows for viewing and creating an MRN (Medical Record Number) for a subject:

CERNER Training

Everyone that views or creates an MRN must undergo training from the Mount Sinai CERNER Applications Team in order to gain access to the CERNER applications program. Contact Ailyn Villareal to schedule a training session.

Obtaining an MRN number for a subject

In order to use CERNER, you must have the latest update of a Java enabled browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. If you do not have this, please download the latest version of Java.

In your browser, type the URL:

Then select “HOSPITAL DESKTOP.” You may be prompted for permission to run Java. Select “Run” if necessary.

Note: This site may only be accessed within the Mount Sinai network. As such, Mount Sinai CERNER applications may not be used at any other locations.

Step 1: Log in with your Mount Sinai Username and Password. It should be the password that is used to access your Mount Sinai email account.

Step 2: You will be prompted to log in again. Your username and password should have been issued to you in an email upon completion of the CERNER training. If you need help, contact CERNER.

Step 3: Once logged in, click on “Cerner Application.” If the icon is not available, contact CERNER for support.

Step 4: After logging into “Cerner Applications” a toolbar should appear at the upper left-hand side of the window. Click the rocket ship icon.

Step 5: In the new window that appears, highlight “Assign MRN to Person without visit” then click “OK.”

Step 6: In the new window, enter all known and relevant information of the subject, then press “Search.” This query determines whether the subject has an MRN. If the desired subject is not already in the database, click “Add Person.” If the subject has an MRN, you can continue onto scheduling.

Step 7: Enter all necessary information about the patient. Click “OK.” In the pop up window, the MRN will be present. Copy the number.

Note: For accuracy, it is recommended that all relevant information be copied and pasted directly from CERNER to Calpendo.

Once an MRN is acquired, you can proceed onto scheduling your subject.

Scheduling with Calpendo

Step 1: Prior to using Calpendo, make sure that you have the most recent version of your current browser. In your browser, type the URL: then press enter.

Step 2: If you have never used Calpendo previously, click “Register New User,” otherwise skip step 2, and continue to Step 3.

You will not be able to use Calpendo until your registration has been approved. The approval may take up to a few days. Once you have received approval, continue to Step 3.

Step 3: If necessary, reenter the original URL: then enter the username (login name) and password specified in the “New User Registration” form. When the correct username and password have been entered, click “Login.”

Step 4: The first time that you log into Calpendo, you will be unable to schedule. The user must be registered under an approved project. In order to create a project, click “Projects,” then “Create Project.” In order to review any projects that you are currently assigned to, choose “My Projects.” You may be assigned to multiple projects at a time. If you have already been approved for the project that you wish to schedule for, go to Step 5.

Once all of the items in Step 4 have been completed, click “Submit Project Proposal.” You will not be able to schedule until your project has been approved. The approval may take up to a few days. Once your project is approved, continue to Step 5.

Step 5: If necessary, reenter the original URL: then enter the username (login name) and password specified in the “New User Registration” form. Any areas in green are areas that are available for scheduling. Any other areas in pink may not be used for scheduling purposes. In order to schedule, click and drag the time slot that you wish to use. Keep in mind that particular resources have timing restrictions imposed. Fill out the window that appears after releasing the mouse then click “Create Booking.”

In order to locate the MRN #, refer to CERNER. To ensure that your booking is successful, it is recommended that all relevant information be copied and pasted directly from CERNER.

If you have any additional questions, contact Daniel Samber.

The SOP for scheduling a research study is available at (SOP103).

H3: Resources available for scheduling:


Skyra 3T
Magnetom 7 T Whole Body
Neuro Testing Room
MR Simulator Room (Mock MR)
Clinical Exam Room

SC1 (Preclinical):

Bruker 7T
Bruker 9.4T
Procedure Room 1
Dose Room
Gamma Counter Room 1

For scanning on the IVIS Spectrum or micro Ultrasound, please contact: Yu Zhou at 212-824-8487 or [email protected].



To Schedule a scan time, click here (only accessible onsite)


Imaging research data archive click here (only accessible onsite)


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