Message From The Director

The primary goal of BMEII is to develop unique approaches to biomedical sciences and therapeutic interventions by bridging basic and translational research and education by leveraging expertise in medicine and engineering. Engineering and engineering science are fundamentals to understanding the basic biomedical phenomena and associated therapeutic interventions. Major inventions and innovations that have shaped modern medicine were born out of close collaborations of engineers with biomedical researchers and clinicians, ranging from medical devices and highly sensitive and accurate bioimaging systems, to new drug target discovery and accelerated drug discovery. We have and we will continue to wisely and strategically invest in BMEII in order to lead in biomedical discovery, disease understanding and translation to patient care. By exploring our website you will learn how BMEII is unique due to its dual focus on research and education, the interrelationships between biomedical research and engineering, and spanning the molecular to human dimensions of biomedical research. I look forward to a future of advancing biomedical scientific discoveries thanks to the wonderful faculty, trainees, staff and collaborators at BMEII.

Zahi A Fayad, PhD
Director, BMEII
To reach Dr. Fayad’s assistant, please contact Sybil Price.


Latest Publications

Artificial intelligence–enabled rapid diagnosis of patients with COVID-19

Xueyan Mei, Hao-Chih Lee, […] Yang Yang
Nat Med (2020).

Probing myeloid cell dynamics in ischaemic heart disease by nanotracer hot-spot imaging

Max L. Senders, Anu E. Meerwaldt, ... Willem J. M. Mulder
Nat. Nanotechnol. 15, 398–405 (2020).

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