MRI Safety Training

The BioMedical Engineering and Imaging Institute believes that safety is a fundamental component to all imaging research. The onus therefore, falls on each and every person involved in acquiring data, maintaining equipment and assisting subjects, to participate in safety at BMEII. We have put forth a simple but thorough set of guidelines that anyone involved with using the BMEII facilities must follow. The guidelines are in place not only for the safety of the subjects, but for you and the other research staff.

Facility Access

Level 1: For researchers who need to have access to the MRI suites in order to: configure peripherals for functional imaging, instruct subjects, run stimulation paradigms, collect physiological information, etc. This category is for those who do not need to operate the scanner and includes (but is not limited to) principle investigators, trainees, research assistance/nurses, veterinarian technicians etc.

Level 2a: For selected researchers who need to operate the scanner to run phantoms, non-human subjects, and/or optimize protocols.

Level 2b: For technologists & BMEII scientists who have been trained to scan human subjects. Also, for physicists & engineers who develop/install/modify software and hardware. These are typically BMEII scientists, or non-BMEII investigators working with BMEII technical scientists, developing new tools.

All Levels need to follow the following procedures:

1) Register as a new user in Calpendo

2) Review the slides, “MRI Safety for Researchers” and take the quiz the follows: Once you have passed the quiz, print it for your own records and attach copy to this form.

3) Review Department of Radiology Safe Practice Guidelines (Document RAD808-1 found here:

4) Do a walk through with one of the technologist ([email protected] or [email protected]) at the scanner you intend to use, and complete the BMEII MRI Non-Subject Screening Questionnaire. Have the technologist sign off after reviewing.

5) Return the screening questionnaire to Chris Cannistraci (CSM s1-118). You will receive a MRI sticker to put on your badge when your training is complete.

Level 2a, 2b Qualifications:

1) Go through all the steps for Level 1

2) Must demonstrate thorough understanding of the current BMEII MRI hardware, software and safety protocols

3) Level 2b personnel must have a current Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) certification. Courses are offered monthly through PEAK

4) Meet with Chris Cannistraci ([email protected]) or Zahi Fayad ([email protected]) to discuss details of your project

Annual Renewal

All personnel, regardless of level, must take an annual refresher course, “MRI Safety for Researchers – Refresher Course” found at

After successfully passing the renewal quiz, complete a new BMEII MRI Non-Subject Screening Questionnaire and have it signed off on by a technologist.

Return the completed questionnaire to Chris Cannistraci.

Additional Documents

MRI Screening Form of Subjects

Radiation Safety Training: Required only for users handling radioactive materials/subjects. Contact Radiation Safety officer at Dr. Jacob Kamen.

NOTE: Please reach out to Chris Cannistraci for any questions. The instructions for new projects are contained in SOP 101.



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