Resource Fees

The BioMedical Engineering and Imaging Institute (BMEII) has their own pricing and fees for imaging users.

User fees include study consultation, study start-up, study review, facilitation in scheduling, scan protocol implementation/optimization, adaptation of C2P sequences, technical support in: task protocol, stimulus-equipment, physiological monitoring, technical operation of imaging equipment, long-tem data archival, basic data analysis tools, access to basic PET isotopes (FDG, and NaF), and a radiological read and report of incidental findings.

For Internal Mount Sinai users, resource usage time is compiled from the web-based scheduling system and charged directly to your account on a monthly basis. Any questions on the charges should be addressed to the BMEII Director (


Large Bore Systems


Federal/Non-Profit Sponsored Grants & Contract Rates

3T MRI Skyra

$786/hr    + $393* per additional 30 mins (min 1hr)


$786/hr    + $393* per additional 30 mins (min 1hr)

3T mMR MRI Only Time

$786/hr    + $393* per additional 30 mins (min 1hr)

3T mMR (MRI & PET)

$1,213/hr  + $393* per additional 30 mins (includes FDG dose)


$1,213/hr  + $393* per additional 30 mins (includes FDG dose)

MR Gd Contrast



$450 - base procedure + $112.50 /additional procedure; $100 additional for Iodine contrast



X-ray Skeletal Survey




* Effective January 1st, 2021

^Industry sponsored grant/contract rates are to be inquired directly with the BMEII Director.

Small Bore Systems


Federal/Non-Profit Sponsored Grants & Contract Rates^


$100/hr    (min 1hr)

Biophotonic Analysis Station



$100/hr (min 1hr)

MicroUltrasound Analysis Station




MicroMRI 7T and 9.4T

In-vivo Studies

Prime time - Weekdays 8am-5pm

$218/hr (min 1hr)

Off time- Weekdays 5pm-8am & Weekend 8am-8am

$109/hr (min 1hr)

Ex-vivo Studies

Weekdays between 8am-5pm


Off time Period- Weekdays 5pm-8am & Weekend 8am-8am




Federal/Non-Profit Sponsored Grants & Contract Rates

Imaging Research Warehouse access


Image Processing Support


Neurotesting Room


Nursing (not contrast/isotope)



To Schedule a scan time, click here (only accessible onsite)


Imaging research data archive click here (only accessible onsite)


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Latest Publications

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Xueyan Mei, Hao-Chih Lee, […] Yang Yang
Nat Med (2020).

Probing myeloid cell dynamics in ischaemic heart disease by nanotracer hot-spot imaging

Max L. Senders, Anu E. Meerwaldt, ... Willem J. M. Mulder
Nat. Nanotechnol. 15, 398–405 (2020).

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