Seminars And Lectures

Please join us for our seminars and lectures, where we ask prominent researchers in their fields to share their work with us.

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Jiwon Kim, MD
Weill Cornell Medical College

January 10 
1-2 PM

Advances in Multimodality Imaging for the Right Heart

Lou Hawthorne & John Dodgson

March 14 
1-2 PM

NaNots: A Novel Immunomodulatory
Nanomedical Platform

Jennifer Charlton, MD
University of Virginia

April 11
1-2 PM

Noninvasive imaging modalities to determine nephron number

Shams Rashid, PhD
BMEII, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

May 23 
1-2 PM

Neuroimaging of COVID-19 with 7T MRI: An Initial Experience

Ki Sueng Choi, PhD
BMEII, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

June 13 
1-2 PM

Connectomic Deep Brain Stimulation for Psychiatric Disorders

Jamie Spangler, PhD
Johns Hopkins University

June 17


Reprogramming the Immune Response through Biomolecular Engineering 

Anant Madabhushi, PhD

Case Western Reserve University

July 11 
1-2 PM

Interpreter of Maladies: AI and Computational Imaging for Precision Medicine

Jing Liu, PhD

October 17

1-2 PM

Multi-Parametric MRI for Quantitative Myocardial Tissue Characterization 

Julius Chapiro, MD PhD
Yale University

November 14
1-2 PM

From Code to Bedside - Applications of Data-driven Learning to Liver Cancer Diagnosis and Intervention