Seminars And Lectures

Please join us for our seminars and lectures, where we ask prominent researchers in their fields to share their work with us.

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Date & Time

Seminar Title

Twan Lammers, DSc, PhD
RWTH Aachen University Clinic, Germany

January 11
1-2 PM

Smart Strategies to Improve Cancer Nanomedicine

Olivia Viessmann, PhD
Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School

January 20
12-1 PM

Anatomical and Physiological Biases in Modern High-resolution fMRI

Jessica Zhang, PhD
Carnegie Mellon University

February 8
1-2 PM

Material Transport Simulation in Complex Neurite Networks Using Isogeometric Analysis and Machine Learning Techniques

Jinghua Wang, PhD
Deep MRI Imaging Inc.

February 17
12-1 PM

Novel Techniques to Improve MR Image Quality

February 22
1-2 PM

Regulation of Innate Immunity through Nanotherapeutics

February 25
12-1 PM

Developing Connectome-Based Predictive Models of Behavior

March 8
1-2 PM

Artificial Intelligence in Cancer Imaging

Daniel A. Heller, PhD
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

March 15
2-3 PM

Nanomedicines for the Resarch, Detection, and Treatment of Cancer and Allied Diseases

March 22
1-2 PM

Chemistry in Nanomedicine: Developing New Nanotherapeutics and Imaging Probes

March 29 
1-2 PM

Recent Advances in In Vivo MR Spectroscopy – Deuterium Metabolic Imaging

April 12
1-2 PM

Drug and Antigen Delivery Applications Using Porphyrin-Based Particles

April 19

2-3 PM

Real-Time Cardiac MRI for the Evaluation of Respiration-Induced Ventricular Coupling in Normal Subjects and Congestive Heart Failure Patients 

April 26
1-2 PM

Multiparametric MRI of the Kidney

May 10
1-2 PM

Novel MRI Techniques to Measure Cardiac Structure and Function

June 14
1-2 PM

Interventional MRI in Oncology

July 12
1-2 PM

New Encoding Approaches in Low-Field MRI

Xiang Xu, PhD
BMEII, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

September 13
1-2 PM

CEST MRI: APT, glucoCEST and Beyond

James Duncan, PhD
Yale University

November 15

1-2 PM

Neuroimage Analysis in Autism: from Model-Based Estimation to Data-driven Learning

Assaf Tal, PhD
Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

November 22
1-2 PM

Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy - A Free Lunch?

Bragi Sveinsson, PhD

December 13
1-2 PM